Magnolia Table Book

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"The latest in their growing portfolio includes... Joanna's first cookbook... As she did with becoming a designer (she never had any formal design experience when she and Chip launched their home-flipping business), she's taken an unconventional approach to cooking."--People "Anyone who's ever watched HGTV's Fixer Upper will immediately recognize Joanna Gaines's style in her new cookbook... Magnolia Table is filled with family stories and memories surrounding meals; individual favorites... diverse recipes... and some recipes that are used in their restaurant."--PopSugar "Everything Joanna Gaines touches is beautiful, including every recipe in her cookbook, Magnolia Table."--Family Circle "Flip open her new cookbook, Magnolia Table, and you'll quickly find that Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines can navigate her way around the kitchen just as expertly as she does a construction site or wall of shiplap."--Tasting Table "From a beautiful but simple veggie and cheese quiche, to zesty grilled salmon with a refreshing cucumber salad, and a time-tested batch of chocolate chip cookies -- each one of Gaines's recipes holds the power to bring about an effortless gathering anywhere, anytime."--Refinery 29 "Joanna and Chip Gaines's announcement that Fixer Upper was ending thankfully coincided with the news of Jo's first cookbook, Magnolia Table. Seven long months later, that cookbook is finally in stores, and fans have wasted no time singing its praises." --Delish "Joanna Gaines is a multi-media force to be reckoned with... Gaines comes across as so likeable, approachable, and real on TV, and her charm and grace translate effortlessly to every page of Magnolia Table."--Philadelphia Inquirer "Joanna Gaines just made her first official foray into the food world with the launch of her cookbook, Magnolia Table, and we're happy she did." --MyDomaine "Joanna Gaines may be famous for her trend-setting taste in interior design, but she's currently making waves in the culinary world with the release of her first cookbook."--Real Simple "Joanna's recipes and gorgeous photography feel home-cooked, farm-raised, and restaurant ready all at once... Gaines is deeply rooted in her Southern culture--and Magnolia Table's recipes truly illustrate that identity."--Cooking Light About the Author Joanna Gaines is the co-founder of Magnolia, a home and lifestyle brand that she started with her husband, Chip, in 2003. She is the bestselling author of The Magnolia Story, Magnolia Table, and Homebody, as well as editor-in-chief of Magnolia Journal, a lifestyle magazine offering inspiration for your life and home. The Gaineses, along with their five kids, live on a farm in Waco, Texas, where they enjoy caring for their bustling family garden.