Recipe Journal

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Juggling a young family while running a small business led to the start of the easy and fun ‘no-bake’ creations featured in this first edition of our recipe journal. Over the years I’ve been so pleased to see the interest these little creations have sparked across our social media pages; I think people love how simple and easy they are to make no matter your baking ability. Although not initially intending to collate the recipes into a book, making these fun (and yummy) no-bake treats was just a creative outlet and something I could do with my kids (I certainly wouldn’t call myself a great cook!) Best part of all is that all the ingredients are available at the supermarket.

A recipe journal is something we’ve been asked about for many years at Rhicreative but have always been hesitant to make one in this digital age. As the collection of our no-bake creations grew, so did the interest around how to make them. So, we thought, why not combine the fun no-bakes with plenty of pages for you to fill with your own sweet or savoury recipes perhaps from family, friends, or your favourite creators. We love that this book will be a special keepsake for your family.